Visioning Meeting For intergenerational conference for racialized/indigenous queer folks

If you are a queer person of color/ indigenous person who has ever felt like other queer conferences have not addressed, embraced or celebrated your experiences or if you are an indigenous/racialized queer person who has never been to a conference then we would love to hear from you! Some advocacy groups at UVic are looking to partner in hosting an off-campus, intergenerational conference for racialized/indigenous queer folks and are hosting a visioning meeting on Saturday August 18 at the Ledge Lounge 1140 Government Street Victoria BC at 4 pm. We ask that this meeting be attended only by self-identified queer and indigenous/racialized individuals. Attendance to this meeting would not be a commitment to organize, but rather an opportunity to share what you would like a conference of this nature to look like, what community groups we can work with, and whose involvement is appropriate.
We recognize that not all indigenous people identify as racialized and in having this meeting we are not looking to make assumptions but hoping to start a conversation that continues about what actions we can take to recognize colonization and to be inclusive.

* Note this venue is an accessible location, bus tickets will be made available, some appies will be served*

If you are travelling from out of victoria and are in need of a place to stay please contact with details of what you would need from accommodations.


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