Queer/Trans* Indigenous People/People of Colour Conference Call Out to Form Steering Committee

Hello Everyone,

(QTIPOC = Queer/Trans* Indigenous People/People Of Colour)

We are searching for individuals interested in forming a steering committee
to organize a QTIPOC Conference in Victoria, BC, traditional Lekwungen

Several people have been discussing and expressing interest in seeing a
QTIPOC Conference take place in Victoria, BC, Lekwungen Territory, and
these are the first steps in seeing it happen. There have been no decisions
made yet about what such a conference or gathering would look like, but
there is interest in forming a steering committee of folks in Victoria who
would be able to regularly get together and plan the conference. As such,
this is a call out to folks interested in joining the steering committee to
attend a meeting on May 18th at 10:00 AM. The meeting will take place at
Wild Coffee, 632 Yates St, upstairs in their meeting room.

Please pass and forward this call-out to your listserves, friends or
acquaintances, keeping in mind that this meeting and the steering committee
are intended for folks who self-identify as queer/trans* Indigenous
people/people of colour. This meeting will decide what the roles and
responsibilities of the steering committee will be in the process of
organizing a conference, with the possibility for stipends being provided
to individuals that eventually form the steering committee and/or take on
responsibilities for planning the conference.

To give a little background on myself and how this process started, my name
is Tribesty Nguyen and I’m a queer man of colour who has lived on Lekwungen
Territories for the past 6 years. I have some funding from the Students of
Colour Collective and the UVic Pride Collective to start the initial
facilitation of planning this conference, and both collectives have
committed some funding to help this conference take place. That being said,
my role in this process so far has been solely administrative, and no
decisions on the actual conference have been made. This initial meeting to
form a steering committee will lay out the organizing process for the
conference and all other decisions, including the direction, vision, theme,
etc., will follow according to the formed steering committee.

To summarize:

What: Meeting to form steering committee for a Queer and/or Trans*
Indigenous People/People of Colour Conference

When: May 18th, 2013 - 10:00 AM

Where: Wild Coffee, 632 Yates St., upstairs in the meeting room

Who: Any and all self-identified queer and/or trans*  Indigenous
people/people of colour

Hope to see you all there!

Tribesty Nguyen

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