newsletter aug 2

….. News Letter Briefs…..

Non-SOCC Meetings

Aug 13th – UVSS Women’s Centre Meeting (SUB b107 @1pm )

Aug 8th– Pleasure and Disability Organizing (SSD Office @12pm


Volunteer/ Jobs/ Opportunities

UVSS Students of Colour Collective –Office Coordinator

UVSS Women’s Centre – Hiring Financial and Communications Coordinator

UVIC Indigenous Affairs Office- Campus Cousins


…Newsletter Full Details…


SOCC Meetings

We will be having our next collective meeting Aug … @ …. In our office located in the student union building B020.

All self-identified Indigenous and/or people of colour are welcome

Non-SOCC Meetings

Women’s Centre Collective Meeting

Tuesday Aug 13th @ 1pm, SUB B107

This meeting is open to all self-identfied women. New comers welcome! Snacks Provided.

Disability and Pleasure Organizing

The UVSS Society for Students with a Disability and the anti.violence.project are collaborating on an event that celebrates sexuality and pleasure within disabled communities.

We are looking for folks to help us make this event a reality. If you’re interested in joining the organizing committee, please contact Alyson at or Liana at The next organizing meeting is taking place on August 8th at 12pm in the SSD office.

We are also looking for presenters and facilitators! Do you identify as disabled or differently abled and want to contribut to this event? Contact Alyson or Liana to talk about how to make this happen.

Volunteer/ Jobs/ Opportunities

Job Posting: UVSS Students of Colour Collective Office Coordinator

·         Part-time Unionized Position

·         15hrs/week, 22.50$ per hour

·         Year long contract, Tentative Training to start Aug 27th

·         Deadline to apply Thursday August 15th @ 4pm

·         See jobs tabs for details


         Job Posting: UVSS Women’s Centre Financial and Communications Coordinator

·         See jobs tab for details


Mentor Position: Indigenous Affairs Office at the UVic is looking for LE,NONET Campus Cousins

– see jobs tabs for details



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