January 27 minutes

Present: Boma, Sara, Erica, Misha, Mohammed, Smyrna, Daphne, Jane, Yan, Meris, Sumbal

Budget tweaks:

Should SOCC move money around towards external donations?

Current budget:

 $750 external – $829 currently spent

$900 internal – only $150 spent so far

Decision: move $500 from QTIPOC budget to external donations.

Will revisit M21 + PULSE budget as actual things come up

Undoing Border Imperialism with Harsha Walia

Help for transport with 2 vehicles, 2-3 volunteers

Tabling supplier – brought by Erica + Meris

Community updates: SOCC inputed to share. Boma will share.


-Thursday at 6pm meetings

-Intro and acknowledgment will be looked at on Thursday

-Submission party

-Assembly get together

-Location options: belove, fernwood community center, vic theatre, vic library


Daphne will share long post related to 31st Yvonne Brown event.


Collect suggestions of books to be added to library

Deadline: 2 weeks. Feb 10

Updating outreach materials

Feedback to get consent from collective members whose faces are on the front of the brochure

Social Media Guidelines

Aim to increase accountability and clarity esp for non socc events

Movie Night

Jan 31st, 7pm

Open House

Feb 6th,12-4

Daphne, Cage, Boma will pick up food


Daphne + Mohammed will print and stamp for posting

BHM kickoff closing

Poster to be made by Meris

Vertigo, Feb 28, 5-8pm

 Valentine Dance ACSA promo


Info about referendum

Loose discussion about feasibility of a SOCC referendum

Anti-bullying campaign: Eliminate Us Vs. Them

-Broad range of ages

-Personal profiles who people who have experienced bullying

Sumbal video project

French media reporting on religious conflict in Central African Republic

Who is talking, whose voice is represented

Wanting a sharing of less-specific, decolonial stories

Photoshop workshop

Sign up with Erica

Button making

Message Mohammed with button ideas

SOCC Newsletter (January 24 – 31)

Newsletter highlights:

1. SOCC Events

(a) Movie Night

(b) PULSE Zine call-out

2. External events

(a) Undoing Border Imperialism Book Launches w/ Harsha Walia

(b) Provost's Diversity Research Forum

(c) All Art is Anarchy in support of Camas Books & Infoshop

(d) SJS Annual Lecture w/ Yvonne Brown

(e) Valentine's Day

3. Meetings

(a) Collective meetings

(b) PULSE committee

Newsletter details:

1. SOCC Events

(a) Movie Night

SOCC is hosting a movie night on Friday, January 31st by 7pm at 22-1880
Laval Ave. We'll be watching The We And the I (trailer:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE0jTAEjNlY ). Please RSVP if you would
like to attend.

(b) PULSE Zine call-out (poster attached)


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for PULSE, an anti-racist zine published by the
Students of Colour Collective at UVic.

SOCC is seeking submissions in any medium including, but not limited to,
artwork, poetry, prose, audio/video, etc. from self-identified Indigenous
persons and people of colour (IPOC).

The theme of the upcoming issues of PULSE is roots, soups, & stories.

We each have distinctive roots and unique stories- SOCC invites you to
share what feeds your soul, what provides you warmth, and to express a
piece of your personal narrative. Whether its about putting down new
roots, or nourishing old ones, we hope this zine will hold the creative
expressions of many identities and experiences. We’d also love to receive
stories and/or recipes about foods that hold special meaning for you.

Please send in your work by February 24th, 2014

> by email to pulse.socc@gmail.com
> or drop off at the SOCC office in the Student Union Building SUB B020

>or mail to:
UVic Students’ Society-SOCC
University of Victoria
PO Box 3035 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3P3
Lekwungen and WSANEC Territories

2. External events

a) Undoing Border Imperialism Book Launches w/ Harsha Walia


Undoing Border Imperialism is an exciting new book that situates immigrant
rights movements within a transnational analysis of capitalism, labor
exploitation, settler colonialism, state building, and racialized empire.
By providing the alternative conceptual frameworks of border imperialism
and decolonization, this work offers relevant insights for all grassroots
and social movement organizers on effective strategies to overcome the
barriers and borders within our movements in order to cultivate fierce,
loving, and sustainable communities of resistance striving toward
liberation. (Visit: https://www.facebook.com/undoingborderimperialism )

Harsha Walia is a South Asian activist, writer, and popular educator
rooted in migrant justice, Indigenous solidarity, Palestinian liberation,
anti-racist, feminist, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist movements and
communities for over a decade.

Date: Wednesday, Jan 29th.
Venue(s):  UVic, Harry Hickman 116 (12:30-2:00) and 2994 Douglas - BCGEU
(5:30-7:30) on Unceded Lekwungen, Esquimalt and Wsanec Territories

Accessibility info: The evening event will have childcare. The venue is
wheelchair accessible. Bus tickets are also available. Please help us
provide a scent free event to accommodate people with chemical
sensitivities. ASL interpretation is available for the evening event.

b) Provost's Diversity Research Forum


The 2014 diversity conference, Critical Conversations: Arts, Allies and
Activism, will take place on Jan. 29 and 30, 2014 in UVic. The conference
features authors Denise Chong and Yvonne Brown as this year's keynote
speakers. Please register early as space is limited.

Check out the program schedule for more info:

c) All Art is Anarchy in support of Camas Books & Infoshop

A night of independent music, literature, art and film in support of Camas
Books and Infoshop.

Doors at 8pm
$10-15 Sliding Scale
No one gets turned away for lack of funds.

Venue: The Roxy, 2657 Quadra St
Date: Friday, Jan 31
Time: 8:00pm

(d) SJS Annual Lecture (poster attached)

The Social Justice Studies Annual Lecture speaker will be Dr. Yvonne
Shorter Brown. Dr. Brown is a retired public school teacher, university
lecturer, researcher, writer and social justice activist. She was recently
a post-doctoral fellow at the Harriet Tubman Institute for Research on the
Global Migration of African Peoples, York University.

Dr. Brown's SJS Annual Lecture is entitled: Is There More That Canadians
Should Know About Slavery, Besides the Fact and the Myth of the
Underground Railroad

Date: Friday, January 31st at 7:30 p.m
Venue: Hickman Building, HHB 105

3. Meetings

Both meetings are open to all self-identified Indigenous and/or People of

(a) Collective meetings

January 27, 5pm, SUB B020.

(b) PULSE committee
If you're interested in working on SOCC's zine, join us for our weekly
meetings every Thursday at 6pm, SUB B020.

Have a great weekend!


Yvonne Brown Victoria Tour Poster 2014 (2)

SJS Yvonne Brown Poster 2014

Call for submissions: PULSE Zine 2014

Posted by: Daphne Shaed

Students of colour collective PULSE zine 2014 is looking for submissions from self-identified indigenous persons and people of colour. The submissions can be in any medium; artwork, poetry, writing, prose, audio, video, and recipes! The theme for this years PULSE zine is “ROOTS, SOUPS, and STORIES.” We all have distinctive stories and the students of colour collective invites you to share what feeds your souls, warms your heart, and creates your personal narrative.

Submissions are due by February 24th, 2014.

Send submissions to:

email: pulse.socc@gmail.com

In Person: drop by the SOCC office at SUB B020

Snail Mail: UVIC SOCC, PO BOX 3035 STN, CSC, Lekwungen and Wsanec Territories, V8W 3P3

Call for PULSE Zine submissions

Call for PULSE Zine submissions

Image graphics by: Meris Colby

January 13 meeting minutes

SOCC Collective Minutes- January 13, 2014

Present: 8 members

Meeting time

Suggestion to move to biweekly- as Daphne has class overlapping best socc mtg time

Leat also has biweekly UVSS meetings- could alternate for minimal conflict

the doodle poll has 6 people for Monday at 5pm,

5 at 4:30, but boma, meris, erica cannot make it till 5
→ will switch to biweekly- will set up

Sign up to table for CCU- wednesday Jan 15 and 16th

sign up sheet for CCU days on the board! is looking good.

write down the time and get ready to talk and be welcoming

→ WEN will help make a flyer to handout- upcoming events, SOCC location, contact info

Leat- work study position- Resource Coordinator

Two jobs (EQHR and SOCC) 31 hours completed for socc, with 69 hours remaining.  she Cannot continue at SOCC due to the limitations

→ Job will be posted January 14th, will sit open for 1 week

Movie night!

suggestions- more mainstream- not super sad

Akira- pretty intense
black diamond
Barbershop (not this one- too many stereotypes…)

→ the we and the I (iiiiii people want it)  chosen! will try to get a copy


fruitvale station (too intense! really )

glimpses of heaven (i)

rabbitproof fence

gandi- too long!

Location: off campus- erica or meris.

→ tentatively 31st. 7pm

Open House

thursday afternoon- Erica, yan, wen, boma,

→ february 6th, 2013 12 – 4pm


→ February 24th moved the deadline.

get a handout set up…

erica, meris, leat, wen-  will meet- doodle poll

→ boma will touch base with other folks about what helps with pulse….

Harsha Walia- Book Launch- undoing border imperialism

Proma requested: can socc get involved~ 100 people. food costs covered already

time and effort making/transporting food? pretty flexible



→ meris is willling to make a stew/soup day before- needs transport.

→ Erica, Yan also interested in volunteering


invited socc (and others, like ACSA, BHAS) to get involved/co-organize

friday feb 28th

closing event – recap and honor individuals/organizations

possibly at uvic, music performance- drumming

meet sunday at 4 (at pulcherie’s house)

Boma has roles with VACCS and cannot represent socc alone at these meetings

Boma will talk with carmen about booking space in the SUB ~28 february

Yan will attend this upcoming meeting and check it out.

other folks are interested in this partnership, but super busy

External Donation Requests.

Stolen Sisters Memorial March

Feb 14th- $9000 budget overall, $3000 so far.

t shirts, honoraria, postering, etc.

$50 donation and offer of assistance- volunteering and people-power help

Luam Kidane

Toronto-based organisation: Speak Sudan- east african youth

request assistance for travel costs (1300 CAD) to go from nairobi Kenya to Toronto, Canada.

no- not local, not connected

UVic Global Community Buttons

Leat explained cute new buttons

symbol for international students looking for helpful people on campus

sparked a bit of a conversation about the welcome centre/ uvic orientation tours

several members have overheard inaccurate or “off” descriptions of the advocacy groups

meris and boma will meet wednesday at 4:30 to write a short letter

describing this and suggest actions/work that the welcome centre can take to improve tours.

send an email to other advocacy groups- asking for input, suggestions. 🙂