January 13 meeting minutes

SOCC Collective Minutes- January 13, 2014

Present: 8 members

Meeting time

Suggestion to move to biweekly- as Daphne has class overlapping best socc mtg time

Leat also has biweekly UVSS meetings- could alternate for minimal conflict

the doodle poll has 6 people for Monday at 5pm,

5 at 4:30, but boma, meris, erica cannot make it till 5
→ will switch to biweekly- will set up

Sign up to table for CCU- wednesday Jan 15 and 16th

sign up sheet for CCU days on the board! is looking good.

write down the time and get ready to talk and be welcoming

→ WEN will help make a flyer to handout- upcoming events, SOCC location, contact info

Leat- work study position- Resource Coordinator

Two jobs (EQHR and SOCC) 31 hours completed for socc, with 69 hours remaining.  she Cannot continue at SOCC due to the limitations

→ Job will be posted January 14th, will sit open for 1 week

Movie night!

suggestions- more mainstream- not super sad

Akira- pretty intense
black diamond
Barbershop (not this one- too many stereotypes…)

→ the we and the I (iiiiii people want it)  chosen! will try to get a copy


fruitvale station (too intense! really )

glimpses of heaven (i)

rabbitproof fence

gandi- too long!

Location: off campus- erica or meris.

→ tentatively 31st. 7pm

Open House

thursday afternoon- Erica, yan, wen, boma,

→ february 6th, 2013 12 – 4pm


→ February 24th moved the deadline.

get a handout set up…

erica, meris, leat, wen-  will meet- doodle poll

→ boma will touch base with other folks about what helps with pulse….

Harsha Walia- Book Launch- undoing border imperialism

Proma requested: can socc get involved~ 100 people. food costs covered already

time and effort making/transporting food? pretty flexible



→ meris is willling to make a stew/soup day before- needs transport.

→ Erica, Yan also interested in volunteering


invited socc (and others, like ACSA, BHAS) to get involved/co-organize

friday feb 28th

closing event – recap and honor individuals/organizations

possibly at uvic, music performance- drumming

meet sunday at 4 (at pulcherie’s house)

Boma has roles with VACCS and cannot represent socc alone at these meetings

Boma will talk with carmen about booking space in the SUB ~28 february

Yan will attend this upcoming meeting and check it out.

other folks are interested in this partnership, but super busy

External Donation Requests.

Stolen Sisters Memorial March

Feb 14th- $9000 budget overall, $3000 so far.

t shirts, honoraria, postering, etc.

$50 donation and offer of assistance- volunteering and people-power help

Luam Kidane

Toronto-based organisation: Speak Sudan- east african youth

request assistance for travel costs (1300 CAD) to go from nairobi Kenya to Toronto, Canada.

no- not local, not connected

UVic Global Community Buttons

Leat explained cute new buttons

symbol for international students looking for helpful people on campus

sparked a bit of a conversation about the welcome centre/ uvic orientation tours

several members have overheard inaccurate or “off” descriptions of the advocacy groups

meris and boma will meet wednesday at 4:30 to write a short letter

describing this and suggest actions/work that the welcome centre can take to improve tours.

send an email to other advocacy groups- asking for input, suggestions. 🙂


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