January 27 minutes

Present: Boma, Sara, Erica, Misha, Mohammed, Smyrna, Daphne, Jane, Yan, Meris, Sumbal

Budget tweaks:

Should SOCC move money around towards external donations?

Current budget:

 $750 external – $829 currently spent

$900 internal – only $150 spent so far

Decision: move $500 from QTIPOC budget to external donations.

Will revisit M21 + PULSE budget as actual things come up

Undoing Border Imperialism with Harsha Walia

Help for transport with 2 vehicles, 2-3 volunteers

Tabling supplier – brought by Erica + Meris

Community updates: SOCC inputed to share. Boma will share.


-Thursday at 6pm meetings

-Intro and acknowledgment will be looked at on Thursday

-Submission party

-Assembly get together

-Location options: belove, fernwood community center, vic theatre, vic library


Daphne will share long post related to 31st Yvonne Brown event.


Collect suggestions of books to be added to library

Deadline: 2 weeks. Feb 10

Updating outreach materials

Feedback to get consent from collective members whose faces are on the front of the brochure

Social Media Guidelines

Aim to increase accountability and clarity esp for non socc events

Movie Night

Jan 31st, 7pm

Open House

Feb 6th,12-4

Daphne, Cage, Boma will pick up food


Daphne + Mohammed will print and stamp for posting

BHM kickoff closing

Poster to be made by Meris

Vertigo, Feb 28, 5-8pm

 Valentine Dance ACSA promo


Info about referendum

Loose discussion about feasibility of a SOCC referendum

Anti-bullying campaign: Eliminate Us Vs. Them

-Broad range of ages

-Personal profiles who people who have experienced bullying

Sumbal video project

French media reporting on religious conflict in Central African Republic

Who is talking, whose voice is represented

Wanting a sharing of less-specific, decolonial stories

Photoshop workshop

Sign up with Erica

Button making

Message Mohammed with button ideas


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