Minutes 24 March

SOCC Collective meeting: Monday March 24, 2014
Present: Boma, Smyrna, Yan, Wen
Start :
Acknowledgment of territory
M21 debriefing
M21 debriefing for Socc members at Boma’s place on the 4th of April 2014 @ 7.30p.m.
The event will be a potluck.
Photo campaign
Monday 21 of March.
Around 15 students.
Location: Library\ around bookshelves, fountain\in the fountain, canteen, etc.
After exams
A get together to help cleaning Socc area.

March 17 meeting minutes

SOCC collective meeting

March 17, 2014

boma, meris, annette, daphne, smyrna, yan, wen

Acknowledgment of territory

Check in

Annette’s grad recital is on Sunday, 8pm in PTY hall!

Smyrna was hired as outreach officer!


Donation request from AfriCa Fest

(african and caribbean cultural week- May 20-25th, 24-25 in the square)

Film showing: (united states of africa, maybe) (550) @uvic

Panel discussion, dicussion of issues ( ) @uvic

festival booklet (500)

volunteer t shirt (300)

cultural education booth (~1000)

Discussion: ask advocacy council, ask local businesses (including camosun print shop), involvement of socc in booklet making- in

Will ask for $3000 ($2200 directly on campus, related to socc’s mandate)

ACSA photo campaign

positive and negative experiences in victoria, at uvic

aimed around end of april, have a display for africa fest


Discussion: perhaps members of socc as well, socc mailing list will get sent an invite,

Banner & tabling

11:30 – 2:30 tuesday

12:30 – 2:30 wednesday @ camosun


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SOCC Newsletter (March 9 onward)

Newsletter highlights:

1. Vacancy: SOCC Outreach Officer (March-April)
Check out the link: https://soccpage.com/2014/03/05/hiring-socc-outreach-officer/
2. External events (a) SSD Inclusivity Workshop (b) WUSC Refugee Women and Education Symposium (c) Leanne Simpson presents "Islands of Decolonial Love: Resurgent Bodies & Minds on the Land" 4. Meetings (a) M21 planning meeting (b) PULSE committee Details: 2. External events (a) SSD Inclusivity Workshop SSD Inclusivity Work Shop Facilitators / Instructors: Moussa Magassa, Uvic Human Rights Education Advisor, Equity & Human Rights & Dr. Michael Prince, Political Science Studies in Policy & Practice 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. On Tuesday, March 11th Michele Pujol Rm., In the SUB (b) WUSC Refugee Women and Education Symposium WUSC is hosting a Women and Education Symposium at UVic on Wednesday March 12th at 7:00pm in ECS 125! We will be examining the barriers that women of refugee populations face in accessing education. Speakers at this event include: FURAHA SIKITOKA - Current member of WUSC MARWO ABDI - Former member of WUSC DR. LAURA PARISI - UVic Gender Studies Professor This event is free and open to the public! Free refreshments, too! We are accepting donations for our Shine-A-Light Campaign which supports women in refugee camps with supplying them with solar lamps for them to study at night.
For more information about this event, please contact wuscuvic@gmail.com or visit for more info about WUSC: http://uvicsrp.wordpress.com/ (c) Speaker: Leanne Simpson presents "Islands of Decolonial Love: Resurgent Bodies & Minds on the Land" The UVic NSU in partnership with the University of Victoria Students' Societywelcome Leanne Betasamosake Simpson to UVic for Indigenous Resurgence Week. Leanne will talk about her upcoming book and her current thinking on Resurgence. Wednesday, March 26 2014 1-3pm UVic First People's House 4. Meetings Both meetings are open to all self-identified Indigenous and/or People of Colour. (a) M21 planning meeting Monday, March 10 (b) PULSE committee Thursday, March 13 Thanks, Boma