Semi-AGM minutes

Minutes: SOCC SAGM

April 25th, 2014

 Budget 2013/14

 Budget 2014/2015

             Need to make budget super tight! 


            aim to get external donations for at least 2/3 of costs


            by having a coordinator (15hr/wk), labour constitutes the largest amounts of socc expenses 


            mystery top-up? Hasn’t been coming out of the socc account

Outreach: Should socc have an outreach?

            Workshops and social media were effective.

            Can we move duties from outreach officer to work studies? This year general collective felt like outreach may not be too necessary and work-study roles can be modified to include specific event planning, social media, and resource (PULSE Zine, etc) roles

            Yes: resources, social media, pulse

 Cage’s feedback about 1 month of outreach officer

            It was nice.

            looking for more things to do, but end of the semester was slow.

            The facebook updates got busy with the #notallwhiteyyj

 Feedback on FB

            –> monthly

            -don’t you want to know?

            -what works best?- point at the water! here’s this, you may be interested

            -want to engage more- hard to get engaged? Even with specific requests

            -language diversity, geographic

            -presented statements, frustrte me,

            -events and local work done

            -sharing articles > than 

            -edit social media guidelines

            -wordpress site is a bit neglected

            -tumblr is not getting much use right now.


Daphne: usu. clear direction, not overly demanding (about 15hr/wk), awkward timing with midterms, breaking down of tasks- workflow spread out over the larger projects.

Issues: Miscommunication regarding some projects- event posters.


            better communication about ongoing projects

            workflow documents or communication about taking on tasks.


Reflection: about food orders- ~100/2wk, set up the library program, events volunteering.

Suggestions: how to get people to wash dishes! its hard.

Leat has moved cups over Pride, concerns about this.

What is the problem? dishes or lack of respect for the space.

            try a bunch of solutions over the summer.

Summer Events

AfricaFest in May

            Movie night:

            Symposium with several speakers on the following topics

                        Africa is not a country.        

                        Democracy and colonization

                        health and development

                        cinema and gender


need posters for these!

need volunteers too!

Launch of Campaign:           

discussions, possibly more photos to be taken, setting up a banner

buttons!  (Daphne is going to work on it)

Mycelium Project

Boma talked to 1 of the organizers about concerns about whiteness perpetuated

concerns about lack of clarity

vague descriptions- comes across as primarily social


            have the organizers identified clearly

            more focused discussions- helps people decide about going, not going

            prevents people getting excited about work that is unlikely to happen organically (ie anti-oppression? anti-racist workshops)

 Summer SOCC events?

            to be discussed later.                                         








SOCC is launching a new campaign! The campaign is #notallwhiteyyj and engages students to think about race and racism at UVIC and Victoria (Lekwungen, WSANEC, Coast Salish Territories). Use the hashtag #notallwhiteyyj to tweet and post on social media (facebook too) to add your story, or your photo of experiences of race at UVIC or in Victoria (Lekwungen, WSANEC, Coast Salish Territories).

You can find the UVSS Students Of Colour Collective on Facebook right here