PULSE ZINE Art on the fly in the SUB

Hello beautiful people, it is a gorgeous day today and it is two weeks until the PULSE ZINE submission deadline (February 28th 2015)

I have been receiving many lovely recipes and writing pieces, but I don’t want anyone to miss the deadline.

So today in the SUB I will be tabling with info about the referendum (including sign up sheets for our info sessions) as well as PULSE Zine submissions.
Come pull up a chair to the table and do a sketch write a poem or just talk and then all the creations from today and friday will have their own place in the Book!

Also this Friday there will also be a Bake sale for PULSE happening at the table! So feel free to bake for the table and I will be able to reimburse you.

Lets make this week about creativity and self expression.


cool thing

PULSE 2015 is looking for your art, poetry, recipes and stories!

The Students of Colour Collective presents Pulse Zine 2015 as a COOK BOOK For Your Soul.

We are looking for submissions of recipes, along with a short write up of why you choose this recipe and it’s significance in your life, family, and roots. We want to give space for your racialized experiences/identity as a person of colour or Indigenous person, and gather/resist through our food.

*We recognize that not all folks who identify as people of colour are “visible” and that all racialized experiences are complicated. We welcome submissions that highlight this reality. We are seeking to create a space and community where folks with racialized experiences are recognized, honored, and privileged. As such, we would love to hear a variety of voices and encourage all folks who identify as people of colour and/or Indigenous people, including all identities and backgrounds of sexuality, gender, ability, health and identities and backgrounds of sexuality, gender, and socioeconomic locations to submit.*

Please email submissions to pulse.socc@gmail.com

Or mail to

Students of Colour Collective,

Student Union Building,

3800 Finnerty Road

By February 28th 2015

 pulse cookbook