SOCC Next Collective Meeting: Tuesday May 12th

Hello Everyone!

Hope y’all are doing well.

This is an invitation to the Students of Colour Collective Meeting, happening next week. It will be on Tuesday, May 12th at 12:30pm, and will be hosted in the SOCC office (UVic, SUB, room B020). Agenda below the email.

Also, Leat Ahrony has applied for the SOCC UVSS Board Representative. Please see Leat’s application below the Agenda.

For those of you around in the summer, please do come by and share some snacks and chat about Summer fun!

Snacks and bus tickets will be provided.


billy yu

Office Coordinator

Students of Colour Collective

University Of “Victoria”

Lkwungen and WSANEC Homelands

PH: 250-472-4697




  1. Acknowledgement of Lkwungen, WSANEC Homelands
  2. Check in
  3. AGM Follow Up:
    1. Office Coordinator: Budget for possible changes (+5hrs, benefits)
    2. Call for Committee to review Office Coordinator Job Description
    3. Budget for Summer
    4. Work Study Top Up?
  4. Fall Work Study Job Postings Update
  5. UVSS Board Rep: Self-Nominations
    1. Leat Ahrony
  6. Advocacy Council Proposals:
    1. AVP
    2. Super T-Training?
  7. ART:
    1. Donate Art for SOCC
    2. SUB Reno Question: SOCC Mural in the Hallway?
  8. Outreach for Summer:
    1. Volunteer/Tabling Opportunity: AfricaFest (May 22-24)
      1. Socc Table
      2. General Volunteering
    2. What else to do for Summer Outreach?
    3. David: Silk Screening?
    4. Movie Nights? Share meals? Picnics? Dancing? (Candy Land on the 17th)


Here is Leat Ahrony’s application for UVSS Board SOCC Representative:

“Dear SOCC collective, I am so happy first of all that we past the referendum and we now receive funding from the UVSS. As a past SOCC rep, I feel it is extremely important to have a collective voice of the BOD of UVSS because that is where important and often impactful decisions are made. It has come to my attention that there isn’t a lot of SOCC members here in the summer, and it would be unwise to keep our spot empty. The New executive directors of 2015-16 will officially take their positions on Monday, May 4th, and summer time is a crucial time to build the relationships and foster collaboration.

That said, I am happy to take on the role of the SOCC rep (i.e. nominate myself) for the summer term. If the collective is willing, As a minority, and a person of color, we must not lose our presence, and continue our advocacy in all fronts.”


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