Next SOCC Meet: May 19th | UVSS Board Rep Call Out | Candy Land | Mintues


Thanks to all those that came out to the meeting on Tuesday.

Below are the following:

1. Notice of Next Meeting: May 19th Visioning for SOCC pt. 1

2. Call Out for SOCC Representative on the UVSS Board: Ongoing

3. UVIC Pride’s Dance this weekend, Candy Land!: This Friday May 15th

4. Meeting Minutes of the Last Collective Meeting

Any questions? Please email us at



Office Coordinator – Students of Colour Collective.

1. Our next meeting will be happening next Tuesday May 19th, 12:30pm.All meetings are open to all self-identified Indigenous and/or People of Colour. We will be meeting in SOCC, and if it’s nice we’ll be going outside! This meeting we will be brainstorming about the vision and goals for the Students of Colour Collective for the next year. This will be an ongoing conversation throughout May and June. What does racial justice look like on and off campus? What events would you want to see SOCC do? How do we build community? We hope you’re interested in being part of that vision for the next year!

2. We are still looking for nominations for an undergraduate student SOCC representative for the UVSS Board. This person would be responsible for representing the Students of Colour on the UVSS. Their responsibilities would include being able to make bi-weekly meetings for the UVSS and for the Students of Colour Collective. UVSS Board meetings are held every two weeks, on Monday evenings, starting at 6pm. SOCC meetings are every two weeks, on Tuesdays, from 12:30pm. The next SOC Collective meeting will be on Tuesday, May 19th.

If you’re interested, please submit a small paragraph about why you’d like to represent the Students of Colour Collective to

3. UVIC Pride is putting on an all ages dance party this Friday, May 15th! Here’s more information (from the FB event page):

Everyone welcome! All Ages!
By donation and no one will be turned away. (All donations will go to the UVic Pride Queer Youth Fund)

Doors at 8:00pm !!!

On May 15th, at the Norway House (on the Homelands of the Lekwungen and WSANEC Peoples, 1110 Hillside Avenue) UVic Pride is happy to invite you to come on out to a community event to dance and listen to live music!!

Music By:
Elder Sister Plum –
Chance Lovett, of the Chanterelles –
Z!k –

Dear Liza, Dear Liza
DJ Taro

ALso, eat tasty treats and sweets! The dance is “Candy Land” themed, there will be lots and lots of candy and candy themed foods for free!

Drinks will be available for purchase.
Alcohol for 19+

Bus Tickets will be available, and we will have safer spaces volunteers at the welcome table as well as hanging out wearing rad volunteer t-shirts:) So if you need someone to talk to, these folx will be around.

Accessibility Information:
The building is on the 4 and 6 bus routes.
It has two washrooms, one is on ground level and is wheelchair accessible and the other is at the top of some stairs. And there is a ramp going into the building.

SoC Collective Meeting/Minutes (in Italics) Agenda:

Date: May 12, 2015

Time: 12:30pm-2:30

Attendance: Macayla, Meris, David, Erica, billy (oc)

Note: Only three members at start of meeting. decided not to make big decisions today. Part way through, more members showed up, with a total of five. Some decisions made (i.e. board rep, advocacy proposals, art)


  1. Acknowledgement of Lkwungen, WSANEC Homelands – Meris
  2. Check in
  3. AGM Follow Up:
    1. Office Coordinator (OC): Budget for possible changes (+5hrs, benefits)
      1. +5hrs + benifits would cost SOCC approx. $10K. Will not decide today on whether or not to approve this. also, once hours are raised they cannot be taken back down.
      2. billy will make points around possible expansion of oc position (i.e. duties that are/can be done to justify +5hrs)
      3. billy will create a timeline for the OC hiring process, goal to have OC in place before the Fall. note around transition, overlap of coordinators – can this be two weeks? at least one
    2. Call for Committee to review Office Coordinator Job Description
      1. no volunteers for this.
    3. Budget for Summer
      1. done. not to breakdown the costs of projected labour. correct projected number was there for each month, but breakdown was not (cpp, ei, etc). 
    4. Work Study Top Up?
      1. Fall Work Study Job Postings Update
        1. small changes made to job descriptions.
        2. not that the work study’s did not receive top ups last year. SOCC has approved $1.00 top up, will make sure work study’s receive this this coming year.
  4. UVSS Board Rep: Self-Nominations
    1. Leat Ahrony
      1. Leat’s nomination was not approved.
      2. OC will do another call out, requirements include
        1. Commitment to make UVSS and SOCC meetings.
        2. David and billy will make arrangements to step in as non-voting members on UVSS Board until a new rep is nominated.
  5. Advocacy Council Proposals:
    1. AVP
      1. Not approved.
    2. Super T-Training?
      1. Approved to be brought to Advocacy Council for Funding. OC to confirm funding amount requested.
      2. Reciprocity request: Marwo will be asked to provide a share-back/training for SOCC members after the training.
  6. ART:
    1. Donate Art for SOCC
      1. Grateful for Art!
      2. Will find space on existing wall space (by collage, but the storage unit)
    2. SUB Reno Question: SOCC Mural in the Hallway?
      1. (confirmed?) Mural to be put up, with chance for folks to add onto it.
    3. Take down board behind couch, make room for art?
      1. Not approved. See 6.a.i
  7. Outreach for Summer:
    1. Volunteer/Tabling Opportunity: AfricaFest (May 22-24)
      1. Socc Table
      2. General Volunteering
        1. David and Meris (23+24) are interested, billy will email with times and connect them to Pulcherie
        2. Macayla volunteering for Candy Land
  8. Research Project Request:
    1. Some concerns raised about project.
    2. Meris will contact researchers to provide feedback.  


    1. What else to do for Summer Outreach? Fun? Movie Nights? Share meals? Picnics? Dancing? (Candy Land on the 17th)
    2. David: Silk Screening?
      1. David will do silk screening workshop!
  1. Visioning for the Fall: Reflection Process, implement mechanisms for internal feedback (360 feedback?) SWOT? Strategic Planning?
  2. Coffee Maker for SOCC?
  3. SOCC foodbank?
  4. Notes on Outreach:
    1. outreach to highschools?
    2. Campus meetings/tours during summer/fall for new racialized students.

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