June 9 Meeting Minutes/Action Items

Hi Folks,

Please see the minutes from the last meeting. Original agenda items are in regular font, minutes in italics, and action items in bold.

Our next meeting will be on June 22nd, starting at 12:30pm, in the SOCC Office (B020).

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at socc@uvic.ca or by phone: 250-472-4697.

There’s more to come, as there’s a few actions items in here, and awesome events/ideas coming up. For now, enjoy!


billy yu

Office Coordinator

Students of Colour Collective

June 9th 12:30pm in SOC: Agenda/Minutes/Action Items

Attendance: Macayla, Tri, David, Wen,

Special Guest: Kay (Women’s Radio Collective)


  1. Acknowledgement of WSANEC, Esquimalt, and Lkwungen/Songhees Homelands.
  2. Kay (CFUV) Women’s Radio Collective to chat about: (Kay came late, will come back at the next meeting to present around the WRC. Kay also passed on the “Intent of the Women’s Radio Collective” document to SOCC for feedback) *SOCC to look at document and provide feedback of the document, and bring back to Women’s Radio Collective and Kay as soon as available.
  3. Bus tickets/Transportation request APPROVED.
    1. billy will also check out the Community Social Planning group to look at the purchase of bus tickets.
  4. Work study top up – retroactive pay. ACKNOWLEDGED, WILL GO THROUGH. 
    1. Will make sure that Top up of $1.00 is put on every Work Study Time Sheet in Future.
  5. Requests:
    1. Pride: join a working group for harm reduction in the sub.
      1. David is interested, has asked for more information. billy will connect David with Pride for more information.
  6. UVSS Request: Anti-O Working Group
    1. Wen is interested, has asked for more information. billy will connect Wen with Kaylee for more information.
  7. yes2scs – letter of support
    1. SOCC has agreed to provide a letter of support for yes2scs
    2. billy will draft up a letter to be approved by SOCC at the next meeting.
  8. Movies for the Summer, request from UVSS to look them over/provide feedback. Movies so far are:
    1. Princess Bride
    2. Across the Universe
    3. The Avengers
    4. The Breakfast Club
      1. SOCC Movie suggestion: “Everything Before Us” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6omtsj6CDg
  9. Report back from Vipirg Training. REPORTED.
  10. Visioning for 2015-2016 Year, Part 3:
    1. Update on Plan:
      1. Working Calendar. billy will continue to work on Calendar for the 2015-2016 year.  
      2. Call out for Workshop Proposals. billy will make a call out for Workshop Proposals over the listerve.
      3. Accountability Process. billy will draft up a document (and will invite input/edits from the collective)
    1. Book Launch Opportunity: “Moving Truth(s) by Queer and Trans* South Asians/Desi writings on family”
      1. Approved to move forward with this, billy will follow up
        1. date later in the summer
        2. billy has emailed, has not heard back from Jotika yet.
        3. billy has heard back from Jotika. SOCC has approved work on a Book Launch for Late July/Aug.
        4. Suggested location is Solstice Cafe.
        5. billy will connect with David at Solstice.
  11. Other Business
  12. Hiring for Office Coordinator (OC)
    1. SOCC chatted about the process for the hiring process for the Office Coordinator. Contract for OC is coming up at the end of August.
    2. As per the constitution, SOCC will strike a hiring committee, which will be comprised of:
      1. 2-3 members of the Students of Colour Collective
      2. One representative from the Union
      3. One representative from the UVSS Board.
    3. A call out will be made for the hiring committee as soon as possible.
    4. The hiring committee will review the job description, and plan the hiring process along with style of interviews.
    5. Collective members interested so far:
      1. Macayla, Wen
  13. Tentative Plan for Hiring of OC* Mid-July to End of August:
    1. Post for Office Coordinator Position (between July 13-20)
    2. Post for two weeks (July 20-31)
    3. Review Applicants/shortlist (Aug 3-7)
    4. Interviews (Aug 10-14)
    5. Transition/Training (Aug 17-28)
    6. *Some discussion was had about this plan, will have to defer to hiring committee to confirm plan for hiring.
  14. SOC Collective Retreat at Mary’s Farm (https://www.facebook.com/Spiritofthehorses)
    1. David is working there during the Summer, through his co-op.
    2. David will get more information on activities, or what a day would look like to offer members of SOCC.
    3. The date will be between now and the end of August (when David’s work will end).
  15. The Indigenous Perspectives Society is putting on a Two-Spirit Identity Workshop on June 24, from 8:30am-12pm (http://ipsociety.ca/events/two-spirit/)
    1. invitation will be sent out to the Collective/Listserve.
    2. billy will attend.
    3. Note to look to Indigenous Perspectives Society and Surrounded by Cedar for trainings about Two-Spirit identity and supporting Two-Spirit Youth.

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