Minutes From July 7th Meeting

Hi Folks!

Below are the minutes from the last Collective Meeting.

Please note that the Hiring Committee is meeting this Thursday in B020 (SOCC Office) to discuss the hiring process. Collective members are welcome to meet and provide input.

There are some more exciting projects on the go, check them out and hope to see you at our next meeting on July 21st.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email socc@uvic.ca or cal at 250-472-4697.


billy yu

Office Coordinator

July 7th, 2015 12:30pm in SOC: Agenda/Minutes/Action Items

Attendance: Fardoussa (first Collective Meeting), Cage, Daphne, Erica, billy, and Tri.

  1. Welcome!
  2. Acknowledgement of WSANEC, Esquimalt, and Lkwungen/Songhees Homelands.
  3. Erica’s motion:
    1. Volunteer Appreciation donation of $250 has been approved. Erica will follow up.

  4. Daphne: Trans Conference
    1. SOCC has approved official support for the Trans Conference, ‘Gender Con 2016’. So far, this support includes:
      1. Volunteer Support (Fardoussa has offered to volunteer, more will undoubtedly come)
      2. SOCC’s logo to be used on promotional material.
      3. Office Coordinator to dedicate paid time to the support of the conference.
      4. Daphne will come back at a later date to seek out funds from SOCC.
  5. Harm Reduction Receiving Site
    1. SOCC officially supports the Harm Reduction Receiving Site Initiative.
    2. David is the SOCC rep for this endeavor.
  6. Anarchist Book Fair: Sept 12-14
    1. Tabling
      1. Some interest. Will confirm a table, and seek out volunteers at a later date.
    2. Workshop?
  7. Book Launch: Writings on Family – Postponed till late August (Possibly Fall)
    1. billy is in communications with Jotika and Solstice Cafe.
    2. billy is seeking out number of people able to come, to decide the budget.
    3. some more discussion needed on SOCC’s vision around budget/financial support of projects outside UVIC.
  8. Signing Authorities: Needs updating
  9. Advocacy Council Check in
    1. Cage has stepped down as Advocacy Council Rep. billy will step in until a new rep is elected.
  10. Women’s Radio Collective (will move to next meeting, on July 21st).
    1. Other things the Women’s Radio Collective wants to talk with SOCC about (since I keep missing your meetings):
    2. We want to have a special radio training day just for advocacy groups sometime in August. Are there days of the week that work best for your membership?
    3. We want to put on a back-to-school party this fall (funding pending)… would anyone from SOCC be into representing SOCC on a little party planning committee for this?
  11. Hiring Committee
    1. When are you meeting?
    2. Daphne, Cage, and Macayla have volunteered to be the Hiring Committee. They will be meeting this Thursday at 10 in SOCC. Collective members are welcome to come to the meeting and provide input/guidance.
  12. Invitations to UVSS/SOCC Committees:
    1. SOCC Board Rep
      1. Fardoussa is interested, will submit application for position.
      2. Position, under the constitution, needs to be agreed upon by the collective during an S/AGM.

      3. So far, David and billy have been the in-term board reps for SOCC. This will continue until new board rep is elected by SOCC. 

    2. SOCC Advocacy Council Rep
      1. billy will be rep until new rep is elected.
    3. SOCC Grad Student Society’s Rep
      1. Cage is interested, will submit application for position.
      2. Position, under the constitution, needs to be agreed upon by the collective during an S/AGM.

      3. Some clarification is needed on the purpose of the GSS Rep. Volunteer position to be looked at/reviewed/created. 
    4. UVSS Sub Occupants Committee
      1. still vacant.
    5. UVSS Sub Renos Committee
      1. still vacant.

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