Meeting Minutes From July 21st, 2015

Hi Folks,

Hope you are all well.

Here are the minutes from our Collective Meeting yesterday, July 21st (thanks for the minutes, Macayla!) Please note some exciting opportunities, like the training being provided by the Women’s Radio Collective on August 25th from 1-5pm. If you are interested, please contact the Women’s Radio Collective:

Our next meeting will be on August 4th, starting at 12:30pm in the SoCC Office – B020.


billy yu

Students of Colour Collective

Office Coordinator

University Of “Victoria”

Lkwungen and WSANEC Homelands

SOCC Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2015 at 12:30pm

Agenda/Minutes/Action Items

Attendance: billy, Fardoussa (left early), Kay (left early), Macayla, Trison (joined later), Tribesty (joined later)

  1. Acknowledgement of territories: Lkwungen, Esquimalt, and W̱SÁNEĆ unceded territories
    1. Discussion on identity of IPOC and how dominant society/colonizers get to dictate how it’s allowed to be expressed
  2. Collective Agreements
    1. Reviewed Collective Agreements
  3. Kay’s announcements: Coordinator of Women’s Radio Collective
    1. Sorry she missed last meeting
    2. Hector Espinosa: graphic artist from Mexico to come September 11-17
      1. 3 day mural workshop for six people (Sept. 11-14)
        1. Call out for ideas centering issues in the community
        2. Prefer people with no mural painting experience
      2. September 17 talk at Legacy Gallery
        1. Possibility for SOCC to do workshops with him (ex. silk screening)
          1. SOCC shows interest – billy will follow up
    3. Panel on free walls in November
      1. Ex. 100 Layers of Beige (which billy is in!)
      2. Topics of discussion: politics of respectability, poor communities, gentrification, criminalization, community conversations
      3. Hope to get DVBA and a politician (Jeremy? Lisa?)
      4. Want IPOC panelist: SOCC to sponsor?
        1. Rob G. from the mainland ($50)
        2. Co-collaborate with NSU?
        3. SOCC wants more info on Rob G.
          1. billy will follow up with Kay. 
          2. Come back in 2 weeks with more info
        4. All panelists do it for free
    4. Advos on air: special radio training day just for advocacy groups
      1. Tuesday, August 25 from 1:00-5:00pm
      2. Part 1: How to better utilize CFUV for advocacy (~45 mins)
        1. Many spots
      3. Part 2: Radio training
        1. Only 5 spots
          1. SOCC must decide who to train: Office Coordinator? Fardoussa very interested
    5. All-ages back to school party September 12
      1. Have venue (same as Hector Espinosa workshop)
      2. Have budget for food & performers
      3. Ideas for performers? (have $700, but can spend up at $1000 if need be)
      4. Invite people from Anarchist Book Fair
    6. SOCC seems into the things Kay offered
  4. Unist’to’en Camp Callout for Support
    1. Financial support for supplies and healing center
      1. SOCC approves Donation of $50
      2. SOCC agrees to do local fundraiser in the fall
      3. Work together with NSU? Pride?
        1. billy will be in contact with NSU.
      4. Raise awareness
      5. Interest in supporting local activists
  5. International Student Welcome Event Thursday, September 3
    1. Table confirmed, will connect further in August
    2. Any volunteers to table? Need people all day starting at 10am
  6. Anarchist Book Fair September 12-14
    1. Table booked, will ask to be next to UVic Pride
    2. Call out for volunteers to table at closer date
    3. Possibility to do workshop? Billy did one last year
  7. Writings on Family Book Launch
    1. Postponed to late August, maybe the Fall
    2. billy is in communications
    3. Still waiting on more info before we can go further (ex. with budgeting)
  8. Signing authorities updating
    1. Trison put on the list
    2. Tribesty finally signed at the office
  9. UVSS/SOCC Committee spots
    1. UVSS SOCC Board Rep
      1. Fardoussa still interested, but want to see what school schedule like in September
      2. Must be agreed upon at S/AGM
    2. SOCC Advocacy Council Rep
      1. Macayla voted in
    3. SOCC GSS Rep
      1. Cage interested, to submit application for position
      2. Must be agreed upon at S/AMG
    4. UVSS Sub Occupants committee
      1. Trison voted in
    5. UVSS Sub-Renos Committee
      1. Still vacant

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