Volunteers Needed for September Outreach Events This Week and Next!

Hi folks,

There are a few outreach events that are coming up that I need volunteers for.
Your role as a volunteer will be to disturbed SOCC material (which is all ready and prepared for you) to new and returning students at a variety of events around campus this week and next week. You will be tabling with at least one other person at all times so you won’t get lonely.

Attached is a google doc for people to sign up at. Please take a moment and help a lady out eh? I will fill in at as many spots as needed, we will not have an empty spot, if I and we can help it :).

We need people for Sept. 3 (12pm-4pm), Sept. 4 (11am-3pm), Sept. 8 (1pm-5pm), Sept. 9 (1pm-2pm), Sept. 10 (10am-5pm), Sept. 11&12 (10am-5pm).
See this google doc for more information and as always feel free to connect with me if you have any questions, comments or feedback.


Warmest regards,
Fardoussa Omar
Office Coordinator

University of Victoria’s Students of Colour Collective

On Lkwugen and WASNÉC Homelands

Ph: 250.472.4697

SOCC Meeting Minutes and When to Meet Next!

Hi All,

Attached are the minutes from our last collective meeting on August 25, 2015. Take a moment to review them and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

We have not selected our next collective meeting. Please take a moment to fill out this doodle poll and let us know when you can meet next. I will send out a meeting invite as soon as I have your responses.



SOCC Meeting

August 25, 2015

Attendance: Fardoussa (OC), billy, Aaron, Alinea, Blake.

Acknowledgement of Territories: Fardoussa

  1. Check-In
    1. Approval of Agenda: yes
    2. Facilitating: Alinea
    3. Minute Taking: billy
  2. UVSS – Memo of Understanding
    1. Daphne drafted a Memo of Understanding* for the Executive Director, on behalf of the Women’s Center.
      1. SOCC interested in drafting our own. Notes about the Memo:
        1. The word “Sovereignty” has very specific connotations, and SOCC would like to take that out of our own draft and use “independance” instead.
        2. Will look at this memo (draft our own) when September comes round.
  3. Signing Authority
    1. Currently: Sabine, billy, Tribesty, Smyrna (Cage).
      1. Signing Authority is legally appointed to be a representative of the Collective.
      2. They sign Check Requisitions, and other legal documents that need more than one SOCC Representative.
      3. Will keep as is until we have more members.   
  4. Budget
    1. SOCC’s budget is approximately 42,000.
    2. Staffing is 21k
    3. Deficit at this point is approximately 10k
  5. Water Bottle Stuffing
    1. Alinea, Aaron, and Fardoussa will be there thursday morning.
  6. Outreach
    1. Tabling
      1. People for Tabling? We need folks!
        1. Aaron will create a spreadsheet for Tabling.  
    2. Farmers Market: Sept 10th from 11-4 (10:15 set up)
      1. SOCC has confirmed a table.
    3. SOCC/Basement Open House Sept 18th
      1. Food – Yes!
    4. Social Marketing Material
        1. Should be ok for now.
        2. Idea: ask for bookmark design submissions later
      2. Posters – b/w can be printed on our own at ZAP
      3. SOCC Zines
        1. 2013 Zine – 25 more
        2. 2014 – 25 more
      4. Buttons!
        1. Button making party this Thursday afternoon at 1pm!
        2. More button maker parties to come in the next week.
      5. Get Candy!
      6. Have books from our Library.
      7. Button Making?
  7. Community Garden Party
    1. SOCC and Pride Share a garden plot at the Campus Community Garden.
      1. Every Wednesday at 10:30 am Pride organizes a garden party.
      2. Would be great to have more SOCC members participate in the garden.
        1. Here’s a map: (http://i2.wp.com/web.uvic.ca/~ccgarden/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/parking-map-latest.jpg)
  8. Advos on air: Today!

Old Business:

  1. Committees:
    1. Educational Equity Advisory (EdAG) — Aaron
    2. Employment Equity Advisory (EmAG)
      1. Still vacant
    3. SOCC GSS Rep
      1. Still vacant
    4. UVSS Sub-renos Committee – Aaron
    5. UVSS Sub Occupants – Trison
    6. Advocacy Council – Macayla

SOCC Meeting Agenda/Minutes August 18th, 2015

Hi Folks,

Great to see some new faces! Please see the minutes below from our meeting today. Our next Collective meeting with be next Tuesday, Aug 18th, 10:30 in B020. Hope to see you there! We’re also wanting to know when you’re available to meet during the upcoming weeks before school starts. When you have a minute, please fill out this doodle poll to let us know the best times for you. After the link, please click on every time that would work for you to meet, and we will meet at a time that works best for all: http://doodle.com/uu93mzkr69gy3ux6

Looking forward to hearing from you and for the fall semester!


Students of Colour Collective

SOCC Meeting Agenda/Minutes

August 18, 2015

Attendance: Fardoussa (OC), Alinea (first meeting), Macayla, Tri, billy (OC), Abdul (first meeting)

Acknowledgement of Territories–Aaron

  1. Check-In
    1. Approval of Agenda: Approved
    2. Facilitating: Fardoussa
    3. Minute Taking: Aaron
  2. Introduction To The New Office Coordinator: Fardoussa Omar
    1. talking about things she wants to bring into the year–consistency, direction, more events, priorities; more in future meetings
    2. ideas: collective column with the martlet, collective podcast, black history month events, fountain takeover, space revitalization, food bank beef up (including produce from community garden plot w/ pride), etc!
  3. UVSS Board Rep
    1. Fardoussa as interim representative?
    2. need to address a personnel issue at the meeting with UVSS tonight
    3. at fall agm we will officially elect someone.
    4. passed–unanimously
    5. fardoussa’s time at meetings will be counted as volunteering time–not pay hours
  4. UVSS Board Meeting–Things that pertain to us:
    1. board has created a new, non-union position (replacing administrative support manager–”executive director”) only accountable to the board, executive that oversees advocacy groups–concern about loss of advocacy group autonomy
      1. uvss has generally in practice left the advocacy groups on their own
      2. advocacy groups were not consulted
    2. they have a shortlist of people who they are going to hire for this position–we would like for them to be reflective of the advocacy groups’ diversity, if they have to hire this person
  5. Outreach
    1. SOCC Leaflet–design and copy discussed and finalized
      1. Volunteering for Water Bottle Stuffers–Alinea and Aaron
    2. desire for postering for SOCC in september (Fardoussa)–Alinea volunteered to help, clubs and course unions tabling, potential button-making parties, need to potentially reorder materials (pulse, bookmarks)
    3. SOCC Open House Sept 18th?
      1. pride is having an open house sept 18–always super busy; desire for advocacy groups to have simultaneous open houses–basement party
      2. food, button making, crafting, board games
      3. desire to make pamphlet?
      4. passed–unanimously
  6. Unist’ot’en Event
    1. Successful
    2. Clean up
    3. Thank you

Old Business:

  1. Advos on air: special radio training day just for advocacy groups
    1. Tuesday, August 25 from 1:00-5:00pm
    2. Part 1: How to better utilize CFUV for advocacy (~45 mins)
      1. Many spots, Fardoussa is confirmed. 
    3. Part 2: Radio training
  2. Committees:
    1. Educational Equity Advisory (EdAG) — Aaron
    2. Employment Equity Advisory (EmAG)
      1. Still vacant
    3. SOCC GSS Rep
      1. Cage interested, to submit application for position
      2. Must be agreed upon at S/AMG
    4. UVSS Sub-renos Committee
      1. Still vacant —Aaron

NEXT MEETING: (Tentative, will send out doodle poll) Tues 25th August 10:30

SOCC Meeting Minutes August 4, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.

Please see the meeting minutes below. A couple of highlights.

1. Folks from the Unist’ot’en Camp are coming down to speak about their efforts up there to stop industry. They will be doing a tour to raise funds and awareness. This event will take place on August 17th, starting at 7pm, in the First Peoples’ House (UVIC). You can find out more about the Unist’ot’en Camp by checking out their website here: http://unistotencamp.com/ And please do check out/share the event on fb here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1005226079497249

2. I know it’s still Summer, but the Fall is quickly coming! Lots of folks have been planning and organizing for the various welcoming activities and events for students. At SOCC we’d like to take some time to plan out what the Outreach effort will look like. When you have a moment, please fill out this doodle poll and let us know when you can meet to plan around Outreach: http://doodle.com/bwyzcku2crvyymiw Poll will close on August 8th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email socc@uvic.ca

All the best,

billy yu

Office Coordinator

Students of Colour Collective

University Of “Victoria”

Lkwungen and WSANEC Homelands

PH: 250-472-4697

SOCC Meeting Agenda/Minutes/Action Points: August 4, 2015

Attendance: Fardusa, Daphne, Macayla, Shay (new!), billy

Acknowledgement of Territories: Fardusa

  1. Check-In
  2. Approval of Agenda: Added Check-In. Then approved.
  3. Facilitating: billy
  4. Minute Taking: billy
  5. Tabling:
    1. Sept 2: International Student Welcome
    2. Sept 4: Graduate, Transfer, Mature and Distant Student Welcome
    3. President’s BBQ
      1. Point made that the Outreach Planning and Implementation should happen soon.
      2. billy will send out a doodle poll, intention is to meet and plan.
      3. billy will put together the events, so far, that are happening in Sept. he will outline times and dates.
      4. Fardusa will create, once she has the info above, a visual for Outreach.
  6. Committees:
    1. Educational Equity Advisory (EdAG)
    2. Employment Equity Advisory (EmAG)
      1. Some interest. Will keep agenda point until filled.
  7. Hiring Committee:
    1. Will continue to be autonomous in decision making at the moment. Will update the Collective after the hiring. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with them.
  8. Unist’ot’en Camp:
    1. SOCC as an Official Sponsor of the Event on the 17th?
      1. SOCC has approved to be an official sponsor for the event.
      2. SOCC has approved $150 to go towards costs of the event.
      3. SOCC has approved for the Office Coordinator to use SOCC time to help organize this event, as long as it does not take away from OC duties.
    2. What is the Event happening on the 17th? Report from the front lines (https://www.facebook.com/events/1005226079497249/)
      1. Fundraiser
      2. Speakers
        1. Freda Huson
        2. Chief Knedebeas
        3. Family or Elders from Wet’suwet’en
        4. Possibly some speakers from Local Nations as well.
      3. Volunteers from SOCC
        1. Macayla, Shay, and Fardusa have shown interest in volunteering.
        2. Macayla has volunteered to make some desserts.
  9. Communications:
    1. Fardusa and Macayla will be added to the internal communications listserve.
    2. Access to the Google Drive will be granted to members of the internal listserve.

Next Meeting will be held on August 18th.