SOCC Meeting Minutes August 4, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.

Please see the meeting minutes below. A couple of highlights.

1. Folks from the Unist’ot’en Camp are coming down to speak about their efforts up there to stop industry. They will be doing a tour to raise funds and awareness. This event will take place on August 17th, starting at 7pm, in the First Peoples’ House (UVIC). You can find out more about the Unist’ot’en Camp by checking out their website here: And please do check out/share the event on fb here:

2. I know it’s still Summer, but the Fall is quickly coming! Lots of folks have been planning and organizing for the various welcoming activities and events for students. At SOCC we’d like to take some time to plan out what the Outreach effort will look like. When you have a moment, please fill out this doodle poll and let us know when you can meet to plan around Outreach: Poll will close on August 8th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

All the best,

billy yu

Office Coordinator

Students of Colour Collective

University Of “Victoria”

Lkwungen and WSANEC Homelands

PH: 250-472-4697

SOCC Meeting Agenda/Minutes/Action Points: August 4, 2015

Attendance: Fardusa, Daphne, Macayla, Shay (new!), billy

Acknowledgement of Territories: Fardusa

  1. Check-In
  2. Approval of Agenda: Added Check-In. Then approved.
  3. Facilitating: billy
  4. Minute Taking: billy
  5. Tabling:
    1. Sept 2: International Student Welcome
    2. Sept 4: Graduate, Transfer, Mature and Distant Student Welcome
    3. President’s BBQ
      1. Point made that the Outreach Planning and Implementation should happen soon.
      2. billy will send out a doodle poll, intention is to meet and plan.
      3. billy will put together the events, so far, that are happening in Sept. he will outline times and dates.
      4. Fardusa will create, once she has the info above, a visual for Outreach.
  6. Committees:
    1. Educational Equity Advisory (EdAG)
    2. Employment Equity Advisory (EmAG)
      1. Some interest. Will keep agenda point until filled.
  7. Hiring Committee:
    1. Will continue to be autonomous in decision making at the moment. Will update the Collective after the hiring. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with them.
  8. Unist’ot’en Camp:
    1. SOCC as an Official Sponsor of the Event on the 17th?
      1. SOCC has approved to be an official sponsor for the event.
      2. SOCC has approved $150 to go towards costs of the event.
      3. SOCC has approved for the Office Coordinator to use SOCC time to help organize this event, as long as it does not take away from OC duties.
    2. What is the Event happening on the 17th? Report from the front lines (
      1. Fundraiser
      2. Speakers
        1. Freda Huson
        2. Chief Knedebeas
        3. Family or Elders from Wet’suwet’en
        4. Possibly some speakers from Local Nations as well.
      3. Volunteers from SOCC
        1. Macayla, Shay, and Fardusa have shown interest in volunteering.
        2. Macayla has volunteered to make some desserts.
  9. Communications:
    1. Fardusa and Macayla will be added to the internal communications listserve.
    2. Access to the Google Drive will be granted to members of the internal listserve.

Next Meeting will be held on August 18th.


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