SOCC Meeting Minutes and When to Meet Next!

Hi All,

Attached are the minutes from our last collective meeting on August 25, 2015. Take a moment to review them and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

We have not selected our next collective meeting. Please take a moment to fill out this doodle poll and let us know when you can meet next. I will send out a meeting invite as soon as I have your responses.


SOCC Meeting

August 25, 2015

Attendance: Fardoussa (OC), billy, Aaron, Alinea, Blake.

Acknowledgement of Territories: Fardoussa

  1. Check-In
    1. Approval of Agenda: yes
    2. Facilitating: Alinea
    3. Minute Taking: billy
  2. UVSS – Memo of Understanding
    1. Daphne drafted a Memo of Understanding* for the Executive Director, on behalf of the Women’s Center.
      1. SOCC interested in drafting our own. Notes about the Memo:
        1. The word “Sovereignty” has very specific connotations, and SOCC would like to take that out of our own draft and use “independance” instead.
        2. Will look at this memo (draft our own) when September comes round.
  3. Signing Authority
    1. Currently: Sabine, billy, Tribesty, Smyrna (Cage).
      1. Signing Authority is legally appointed to be a representative of the Collective.
      2. They sign Check Requisitions, and other legal documents that need more than one SOCC Representative.
      3. Will keep as is until we have more members.   
  4. Budget
    1. SOCC’s budget is approximately 42,000.
    2. Staffing is 21k
    3. Deficit at this point is approximately 10k
  5. Water Bottle Stuffing
    1. Alinea, Aaron, and Fardoussa will be there thursday morning.
  6. Outreach
    1. Tabling
      1. People for Tabling? We need folks!
        1. Aaron will create a spreadsheet for Tabling.  
    2. Farmers Market: Sept 10th from 11-4 (10:15 set up)
      1. SOCC has confirmed a table.
    3. SOCC/Basement Open House Sept 18th
      1. Food – Yes!
    4. Social Marketing Material
        1. Should be ok for now.
        2. Idea: ask for bookmark design submissions later
      2. Posters – b/w can be printed on our own at ZAP
      3. SOCC Zines
        1. 2013 Zine – 25 more
        2. 2014 – 25 more
      4. Buttons!
        1. Button making party this Thursday afternoon at 1pm!
        2. More button maker parties to come in the next week.
      5. Get Candy!
      6. Have books from our Library.
      7. Button Making?
  7. Community Garden Party
    1. SOCC and Pride Share a garden plot at the Campus Community Garden.
      1. Every Wednesday at 10:30 am Pride organizes a garden party.
      2. Would be great to have more SOCC members participate in the garden.
        1. Here’s a map: (
  8. Advos on air: Today!

Old Business:

  1. Committees:
    1. Educational Equity Advisory (EdAG) — Aaron
    2. Employment Equity Advisory (EmAG)
      1. Still vacant
    3. SOCC GSS Rep
      1. Still vacant
    4. UVSS Sub-renos Committee – Aaron
    5. UVSS Sub Occupants – Trison
    6. Advocacy Council – Macayla

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