Volunteers Needed for September Outreach Events This Week and Next!

Hi folks,

There are a few outreach events that are coming up that I need volunteers for.
Your role as a volunteer will be to disturbed SOCC material (which is all ready and prepared for you) to new and returning students at a variety of events around campus this week and next week. You will be tabling with at least one other person at all times so you won’t get lonely.

Attached is a google doc for people to sign up at. Please take a moment and help a lady out eh? I will fill in at as many spots as needed, we will not have an empty spot, if I and we can help it :).

We need people for Sept. 3 (12pm-4pm), Sept. 4 (11am-3pm), Sept. 8 (1pm-5pm), Sept. 9 (1pm-2pm), Sept. 10 (10am-5pm), Sept. 11&12 (10am-5pm).
See this google doc for more information and as always feel free to connect with me if you have any questions, comments or feedback.


Warmest regards,
Fardoussa Omar
Office Coordinator

University of Victoria’s Students of Colour Collective

On Lkwugen and WASNÉC Homelands

Ph: 250.472.4697


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