The UVSS Students of Colour Collective is a group of self-identified Indigenous and/or People of Colour operating as an advocacy group out of the University of Victoria, located on Lkwungen Homelands. We attempt to defy the mainstream and act from the margins, committed to the elimination of racial discrimination, and call for systemic change. We work to empower people of colour by organizing and supporting events, providing resources and support to individuals and groups, and by actively working against oppression based on colonization, race, gender, class, ability, nationality and language. We do this by providing anti-racist education and activism on and off campus while also providing support and resources to all. All self-identified Mixed Race, Indigenous, and People of Colour are invited to become members in the Students of Colour Collective, and/or drop by the office and find out how they can get involved!

SOCC holds regular  collective meetings  in the office – Student Union Building, B020. collective meetings are open to any self identified Indigenous and/or person of colour.

Want to get in touch?

-Stop by the office: SUB B020 (Allies, please ask before entering the space)

-Email: socc@uvss.ca

-Phone: 250 472 4697

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