Jan 2011- April 2012


  • MARCH 26th – SOCC SEMI-ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 4pm in the Sub B020, (* this meeting is for self-identified students of colour only)
  • MARCH 19th- 23rd – SOCC in collbration with other campus groups and community memebers will be putting on a week long events for M21 the International Day for the Elimination of Racial discrimination, This years theme is Re-Centering the Margins: radical skill building for Grassroots Organizing. ( see M21 under the events tab for more details)
  • MARCH 6th – from 11-4pm in the sub upper lounge of the student union building of the university fo vicitoria campus, located on unceded Lekwungen and WSANEC homelands the students of colour collective will be hosting what were calling a BAKARAGE sale. There will be baked goods, clothing, electronics, books, movies and more on sale. The proceeds from this sale with help fund the revival of PULSE, which is an anti-racist zine that socc is working to put together. All items not sold in the sale will be donated to VIRCS- Victoria Immigrant Refugee Centre Society and WIN- Women in Neeed Store.If you have done some recent spring cleaning and/or able to donate anything to the
    sale that would be greatly appreaicated. All donations can be dropped off in the
    SOCC office B020 in the basement of Sub until march 5th
  • MARCH 2nd –  SOCC OPEN HOUSE, 12-5pm in the sub B020, everyone is welcome snacks and drinks will be provided
  • FEB 7th-9th- UVSS Board of Directors in collaboration with many advocacy groups and community organizations looks to put on Sexapoolza, as informative and fun 3 day event that looks to critical engage in conversations on but not limited to sexuality and race, consent, body positivity, ally-ship and well as engaging in sex positive sex toy and kink workshops, drag shows and much more. * stay tuned for more details*

( SOCC will be hosting a panel on the intersection of  race, sexuality, gender and class on Tuesday feb 7th 6:30-7:30pm in Vertigo in the Student Union Building)

  • JAN 12th&13th – SOCC TABLING @ clubs days in the student union building from 10-4pm both days

FALL 2011

  • DEC 10th- Advocacy Holiday Party 5-8pm in the small side of Michelle Pujol Room in the student union building, their will be food, music and cash bar for those interested and of age. ( * note this is an all ages event)
  • DEC 6th- Instructor Reeductaion Panel 11-12pm our own Megan Quigley will be sitting on the panel as a reprsentative for SOCC
  • DEC 2nd- SOCC TABLING @  the quad from 11am – 2pm, outside of MacPherson library, on unceded Lekwungen and WSANEC homelands, in recognition of the National Day of Remembrance and Action On Violence Against Women and in resistance to the fact that the university won’t be cancelling classes this year and as a space to gather to share forms of resistance to violence being practiced by
    advocacy groups on campus. In collaboration with the UVSS Anti-Violence project, pride, native students union, women’s centre, board or directors and may more.
  • OCT 24th – SOCC ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 4pm in the Sub B020, (* this meeting is for self-identified students of colour only)
  • OCT 22nd – SOCC TABLING @ ROCK FOR REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE, 1-4pm at Cennitial Square
  • OCT 19th– SOCC POTLUCK/CRAFT NIGHT @ MEGANS 6:30pm (email socc@uvss.ca for directions and details)
  • OCT 14TH – SOCC OPEN HOUSE, 12-5pm in the sub B020, everyone is welcome snacks and drinks will be provided
  • SEPT 23RD–  SOCC FILM NIGHT (Collective and Allies ) @ Latin American Film Festival held in Cinnecenta @ 9PM (please meet in the sub b020 @ 8.45pm to grab your tickets)

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